Most people have a secret desire to fly and gliding is one of the most exhilarating, affordable and inclusive ways of becoming a pilot and enjoying the sheer beauty and pleasure of silent flight.

It can be as exciting and challenging as you want it to be, and there are many diverse aspects to discover.  There is quite a lot to learn, but that’s part of the fun. 

During your training you’ll be guided through the process of learning to fly a glider through a mixture of briefings and airborne exercises, all provided by our British Gliding Associated qualified instructors.

Fun and friends 🙂

There’s always a lot going on to support the flying activities – getting the various gliders, tow planes, vehicles etc. rigged, checked and ready, getting gliders into the air and doing a hundred and one other things that make up a day’s flying is a real team effort and very satisfying. 


The fact that glider pilots rely on each other’s voluntary efforts to get airborne is key to why gliding is such a sociable activity compared with power flying which can be more a case of turn up, fly, go home. 


No special level of fitness or technical ability is needed to fly a glider. If you’re fit enough to drive, you’re fit enough to glide and just as you don’t need to know anything about mechanics to drive a car, so you don’t need to be an aeronautics expert to fly a glider.

 For just £135 our Introductory Membership package at Banbury Gliding Club will allow you to experience all these aspects and judge how far you want to take your adventure into soaring flight.

During your visit you'll receive:

  • An introduction into the club and its operation together with a comprehensive briefing covering learning to fly and the specific exercises you’ll fly in the glider later in the day. 
  • A glider flight with one of our instructors where, under their guidance, you’ll take the controls and experience what it’s like (and how easy it is) to pilot a glider. 
  • An invitation to return as many times as you like over the following 2 months as a member of the club. During any of these subsequent visits you can take your second free flight just to prove how much you enjoyed the first one! Your other flights will be charged at the standard member’s rate, so a typical 20 minute flight will cost just £23.

If after your introductory package you do want to progress further then the Learn to Fly package is an excellent way to take the next step.  You’ll find that learn to fly a glider is quite often cheaper than learn to drive a car! 


Take the next step and purchase a Introductory Membership package for £135

Take the next step and purchase a Introductory Membership package for £135 

The link below will take you to the PayPal site where you can purchase your package.

We will then send you a voucher by post and this will be valid for 12 months.  You can use the voucher to contact the club and book the start of your membership.


Temporary Club Closure

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, Banbury Gliding Club is temporarily closed.

No visitor or club member flying is taking place at the moment.

If you wish to come and fly with us when we re-open to visitors again, please send your name and contact details via the Contact Us page.