Annual Membership

Full flying including one trailer on site£450
First Year Full Flying for licensed pilots including one trailer on site£600
Rostered Instructors/Tug Pilots/
Duty Pilots/Ctee Members
Family (per person after one full member)
Student (under 26 in full time education)£115
Under 18 (no flying fees for the first 20 minutes)£95
Powered Aircraft associates£65

Gliding Flight Experience Pricing

Please see the flight experience page for dates. Contact us to check up-to-date availability.


Gliding Flight Experience
(1 flight)
1 flight to 2000ft / 25 mins max£135

Courses Pricing

Learn to Fly4 months membership / 20 flights£650
PPL to glider pilot2 months membership and up to 15 flights under instruction.£450

Day Membership

Reciprocal (BGA affiliated club member)£10
Family & Friends£5

Membership Flying Charges

AerotowLaunch Hookup (Club Glider)£7
AerotowLaunch Hookup (Private Glider)
(Students & Under 18 pay the club glider rate)
AerotowPer 100ft (e.g. Club glider to 2000ft = £24)85p
Gliders per minuteGlass Gliders40p
Gliders per minuteOther Gliders40p
Gliders per minuteUnder 18 (no flying fees for the first 20 minutes)-
Gliders per minuteAll tasks approved by Duty Instructor capped at 2 hours flying charge plus launch fee-
Motor gliderPer hour£84