Initial Contact

Prior to driving to the airfield, we recommend that you telephone 0333 044 0134 (anytime), or at weekends / bank holidays ring the Club at the airfield direct at the glider launch point on 07981 103159 (both Sat/Sun/bank holidays only- generally not before 9.00am!).


Safety Information

Important! Airfields can be very dangerous at all times,

and so it is vital that you take a moment to familiarise yourself with our safety notes:

  • Keep a good lookout above and all around. Gliders, aircraft, helicopters and parachutists may approach from any direction on the ground or from the air and land or take-off.

  • Give way to gliders, aeroplanes and helicopters at all times when driving or walking on the airfield. They have right of way.

  • Your personal and motor insurances will not always provide cover on an airfield. You may therefore be personally liable for any accident that you cause.

  • Stay in notified areas. One is the club house, the other will be at the glider launch point.

  • Do not walk in front of gliders or aircraft. Comply with any instructions given to you when crossing any part of the airfield.

  • Ask a club representative to accompany you when crossing any part of the airfield.

  • Control your children and animals. You are responsible for their actions.

  • Do not drink alcohol before your flight. 


The Weather

Gliding is weather dependent. It is advisable that you call the Club before your weekend flight for a weather check. If your flight is cancelled due to the weather it will be re-booked for an alternative date. The weather is always changing and therefore we highly recommend that you do get in touch preferably on the same day, in the morning – we would hate for you to make a wasted journey.


Dress Code

Please wear flat soled shoes / trainers and bring a jumper with you in case it gets cold at higher altitudes. Bring gloves and warm clothing in the winter, and sunblock and a hat in summer. Sunglasses are recommended all year round. Wear trousers if you will be flying.



We are based at Hinton in the Hedges airfield between Banbury, Oxforshire and Brackley, Northamptonshire. Just a few minutes from the M40, access is easy from as far a field as London or Birmingham, and the club is about 40 minutes from Milton Keynes, Northampton or Oxford.

Entry is from the A422, ignore signs for Hinton in the Hedges village.

For sat nav users, our postcode is NN13 5NS.

From the airfield entrance…

Take extreme care as the airfield has various aviation activities in addition to the gliding club, including parachutists and light aircraft which may take off, land, or taxi around the airfield’s operational areas without warning.

Proceed with care slowly along the rather rough road until you reach the end of a disused runway (wide potholed concrete area), turn left and make your way along this until the first right turning where normally there are cars parked; this car park is shared between us and other airfield users – you can leave your car here.

Our clubhouse is at the left hand end beyond the building (Hinton Sky Diving) you see when looking from the car park. The club house is pale blue, you can’t miss it. At the Clubhouse please announce yourself, any of the members will be happy to help, or if there is no one present, and the gliders are already on the airfield, ring the airfield mobile phone number (07981 103159) and a member will come to collect you.

Once on the airfield, be very vigilant and remember that aircraft have right of way at all times.